Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mad Men Challenge

For years now I've intended to participate in a sew-along or sewing challenge. I think it would be so inspiring to sew with other people...even if they're in internet land. Julia Bobbin's Mad Men challenge seems like the perfect place to start. I mean, who doesn't love Mad Men? Especially the clothes!! I wish I could prance (or is sashay the more appropriate term?) around the office in a Joan dress. The closest I come is this little number I made awhile back.

The question is: who to use as inspiration? Do I use Joan as a muse? I do have a number of her outfits on my sewing list. Something like this blue dress perhaps? 
I'm also quite partial to this one:

snagged from here

Or do I go team Betty? All big skirt/shirtdress?

Such a dilemma. I've got a month to figure it out and make it work...of course with work, etc. taking up my valuable sewing time, it's more like 6 or 7 days :)

I truly do enjoy spending at least one day on the weekend sewing. If I don't get to sew on the weekend, I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. Forgot socializing or cleaning! It's all about the sewing. Today, I mostly finished my second muslin  for a pair of cigarette pants. I'm hoping they'll be wearable. They're bright red! I'm in love. 

I'm progressing nicely on my self-inflicted challenge. In the past week (and a bit), I've whipped up a cute dirndl skirt and Victory Patterns Ava dress (photos to come). 
Please ignore the wrinkles...i swear they weren't there when I put it on ;)

It always boggles my mind when simple projects take me 4 times as long as they should. I mean dirndl skirt - cut 2 rectangles, gather, attach waistband. Simple right? Well, for some reason I only cut one rectangle and ended up with a pencil skirt that I couldn't get on! That's right folks, I am a genius.

My sewing scorecard for the month is looking pretty good. I've made 5 wearable garments in February. At this rate, the tickle trunk will be empty in no time! 

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