Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ava and the Flu

Good morning to you,

I got a lovely treat this weekend, the flu! It doesn't seem fair that I only get sick on weekends. Such precious days to waste laying in bed. Especially when those days are the first nice days of spring. I dragged myself up this morning to take some pictures of one of my recent creations - Victory Patterns Ava.

I swear I ironed this 2 minutes before the picture.

I meant this as a muslin, so I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be wearable. Victory Patterns are magic, I tell you. They require almost no alterations and fit great! I made this version out of grey jersey that I found at a thrift shop and some sheer polyester that I thought was really pretty when I bought it but had lost a bit of its charm when it came home (especially once I tried to sew with it!!). I didn't need to use a zipper since I used jersey. I also took about 1 cm off of all the seems at the waist (guess I should have just made a smaller size...) but I blame this on the fact that I used jersey instead of a fabric recommended by the pattern.

On another note, I finally gave in and bought the Sewaholic's Renfrew pattern. I generally try not to buy simple patterns that I could easily draft myself  but there were just way too many great versions popping up everywhere. I couldn't help myself. It came in the mail the day after I bought it online! Yay Canada! I managed to sew up most of the cowled version last week. Of course, it wasn't until I put it on that I noticed I'd put one of the sleeves on backwards...oops. I meant to finish that up this weekend but alas, it is not to be. I had also intended to start up my dress for the Mad Men challenge. I've decided to make up something similar to Joan outfit here:

I just have to decide if I want to make it as a dress or as separates. It looks to me like it's a matching sweater and skirt and not a dress. March is running by quickly. I need to get started!

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