Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adventures With Victory Patterns

When I first saw the patterns from Victory Patterns, I just had to have them. Never mind that I have tons of patterns that I'll probably never use (sigh, at least they're all second hand). But then I thought "Hey! I should support independent designers! Just because I have to spend my days in a cubicle doesn't mean everyone else should have to, right?" Annnnd I'd be supporting a Canadian designer! Done!
Exhibit A: A Suitcase Full of Patterns

So off I went and bought the Lola and Ava patterns. The designs were so cute! I sewed up the Lola two weeks ago and finally got to take some pics (bad ones to be sure). The pics are bad for a number of reasons:
1) It's winter and the light in the apt is only right for pics for about 3 hours in the late morning. This means I'm unlikely to even want to take photos and will probably not have gotten around to hair and makeup yet (if at all, it's the weekend after all!).
2) My camera is old 
3) I don't have a tripod and have to balance my camera precariously on things to get a self-timed shot.  My new favorite is hanging it from the curtain rod..
Maybe one day I'll remedy this, maybe not. My apologies.

The pattern was really easy to make and needed almost no alterations. I cut a size two and took in 1 cm at each seam at the waist. I like the waist of my clothing to be defined since I'm short and boxy-ish. Honestly, it could probably stand to be taken in a bit more, but it's wearable. I made it out of fabric  that I bought at a thrift shop for about $3. The pattern cost me more than the fabric!

I might dye the fabric. I like the idea of light coloured clothing much more than the stained reality they usually turn out to be. The only problem I had with the pattern was one of the pieces magically disappearing, along with the fabric piece I cut. It remains a mystery as to where it went. I blame the cat. Meet Frankie. She's camera shy, loves fabric and hiding in vintage suitcases. Lucky for her, I have many. We're a good match. Anyways, I digress and that's probably a good way to end this. Ciao. 

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this post. Yours is the most shapely version that I've seen. I'm also short and not super curvy so I've hesitated on buying this even though I like the style. Thanks for the suggestion of 1cm taken in at the side seams. The length seems just right for you too.